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The Worship Ministry

We Gather

As a local expression of the Body of Christ, His precious Bride, we gather together each week on the Lordís day to celebrate and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to seek our Lordís sovereign will, and to submit ourselves entirely to the authority of all Holy Scripture. We find means to do this, giving priority to the instructions found in Scripture, while also following the example of faithful believers on whose shoulders we stand. We call both believers among us and unbelievers around us to join us in this endeavor.

We refuse to chase the bait of increased attendance, current trends and methods, meeting felt needs, perceived effectiveness, or any other unbiblical benchmark. Rather, we will do those things to which we have been specially called, with diligence and faithfulness, as the Lord enables us by His Spirit, until that glorious day when we gather around His throne.

We Go

As the grateful recipients of Godís grace in Christ, we cannot keep the good news of the Gospel to ourselves. Not only are we commanded, but it is our joy and delight to scatter throughout our city during the week, seeking to live in such a way that Christ is exalted in all things, both big and small. As we shine the light of Christ through our lives, we will share the Gospel of Christ with our lips, giving a reason for the hope that is in us because of Jesus.